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Workspace Engineering

The offices and way of working, today and in the future, should more than ever revolve around the well-beiing of your human capital.

Spaces designed around a variety of specific tasks with a dynamic set-up.

Discover our 360° approach.

Activity Based Working

Activity based working gives employees the possibility to choose the best setting to perform specific tasks.

Create a limited open space supplemented with different areas, adapted to the daily needs of your company and employees.

Not every organization requires the same interpretation - by involving your employees in this process you will achieve the best results.

A Dynamic Office

Dynamic working stimulates employees to move around more and sit less still in an office environment.

Performing different tasks in different workplaces and adopting different postures is beneficial for their health.

Providing standing tables in the coffee area, height adjustable working (spatie) tables, creating an informal meeting space with a sofa, …


Noise is one of the biggest frustrations for employees in a landscape office.

By integrating different spaces (Activity-based Working), we extract the sound from the open space.

An acoustic ceiling dampens the sound, acoustic partition walls block out environmental noise and provide the necessary privacy.

There are also many acoustic (design)elements available today such as wall- and ceiling panels, moss walls, furniture, fabrics & dividers.


Ergonomics is more than an ergonomic office chair or furniture. This should be extended throughout the entire workplace.

Providing the right lighting, acoustics & thermal comfort will contribute to an ergonomic working environment and the well-being of your employees.

By creating a dynamic office layout, you stimulate the employees to move around more, which will benefit their general health.

ICT & Smart working

ICT has an important impact on the way of work. Paper disappears and interactions change. Speed and efficiency are pushing.

Data is stored in a cloud environment, making it accessible from anywhere. This makes data security a priority.
Mobile devices, such as the tablet and smartphone, are used more often, but for long-term computer work, a PC with an external screen and keyboard remains a must.

Conducting online meetings contributes to an efficient time (spatie) management.

Work anytime, anywhere, at home or at the office.
The boundary between work and private life becomes blurred, which may cause stress levels to rise.
Guide your employees through this changing landscape and emerging technology with clear agreements.

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