Our company & team work

Our company & team

A H2H company powered by a carefully selected team from Italy and Belgium that share the same passion, mission & innovative vision.

We strive for a long-term cooperation, a partnership, in which you, our client, are our central focus..

With a complete and original 360° approach throughout the entire process, and never taking anything for granted, our goal is to offer more and different.

Our team

Ufficio 2.0, a fusion of different experiences and skills in the field of projectmanagement, design & build.

Ufficio 2.0 be, founded in 2014 by Rudi Schroyen, a construction engineer and former project   manager, and Mario Vellosa, a previous general contractor. Both experienced in professional interior projects. 

Studio AP architetti from Milano has been an allied partner from the beginning. Founded in 2005 by the architects Franco Artifoni and Maria Grazia Pipitone.

This collaboration resulted in Ufficio 2.0 Italia, founded in 2019. This allows us to carry out projects in Italy as well.

Ufficio 2.0, a fusion of different experiences and skills in the field of project (spatie) management, design & build.

Ufficio 2.0, your partner to support you throughout the entire design & building (spatie) process

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Our team

Mario Vellosa


 M +32 475 446 041

Rudi Schroyen


M +32 483 059 944

Franco Artifoni

Partner | Architect

M +39 347 901 8346

Maria Grazia Pipitone

Partner | Architect

M +39 333 6715714

Sonja Thuys

Head of Design & Build

 M +32 476 420 350

Sarah Koppen

Project Manager

 M +32 473 336 020

Giulia Rossi


M +39 338 7788766

Irene Di Stefano


M +39 334 6652814

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