When tomorrow arrives today in your office

When tomorrow arrives today in your office

Ufficio 2.0 is a design and build partner for partial or complete office fit-out projects. Managing every aspect, in order to offer you a real turn-key project. Improving the success of your company, with the right workspace experience for your talents. That’s our part of your business!

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Make your office work(ers) better

Workspace engineering is our deep approach for translating the operational requirements for your upcoming office into practical solutions. Applied as original and complete as possible, covering all aspects of a human-office interaction. Finalized with a look and feel, improving the effects on your employees. And yourself!

Work is changing. So are people.

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Yes we have!

Many years of experience in contract furniture from the most prestigious Italian brands. Knowing the people and the philosophy behind it, some of which became our partners. Providing only the best products to answer your requests.

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Design studies, interior works, furniture delivery or a mix of it.

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